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800 x 800 mm Glazed Vitrified Tiles by HR Johnson

MORBI | Tiles manufacturing hub of India
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HR Johnson is famous for it's never ending quest to bring the latest  and upcoming trends to it's customers. They have launched 800x800mm Glazed Vitrified tiles under their Marbonite brand.

True to it’s name “MARBONITE" (beauty of marble & strength of granite) aims at capturing one of the most sought after features of Italian Marble  - Randomness like those found in Travertino, Staturio, Portoro, Onyx

This series highlights the fine nuances in veins and colors of natural marble using digital technology.

Morever the larger format gives a feeling of a slice of the true Italian natural marble

Fully polished Vitrified Slabs also have the feature of “STAINFREE”

A special sparkle (giving a soft, subdued shine similar to glistening stars) has been introduced that would leave you mesmerized in the Lapato Collection.

Minute details like ease of handling by having 2 tile packing has been looked into carefully.

14 Breathtaking and scintillating designs comprising of...
Fully Polished finish: total 10 designs
Glisten Lapato Finish: Matt finish total 2 designs & Wood finish total 2 designs



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