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Brazil is preparing to impose anti-dumping duty on Chinese tiles

MORBI | Tiles manufacturing hub of India
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Recently many customers from Brazil have visited Morbi to source right partners to buy ceramic & porcelain tiles.
Though Brazil is also producer of ceramic tiles they were till date depending on China for PORCELAIN Tiles. But currently there was lot of buzz around regarding Brazil imposing anti-dumping duty on Chinese made tiles.
Morbi Ceramic Industry contacted DECOM (Department of Trade Defence), the office responsible for the investigation of antidumping issues. They explained us that…
1- DECOM should finalize the preliminary determination between the end of next week (28 th to 30 th April 2014) and early May 2014;
2- Once this is done Decom will send the preliminary determination to CAMEX (Câmara de Comércio Exterior (Chamber of Foreign Trade), which is the decision making body of Government of Brazil.
3- They believes the preliminary determination will only be issued by CAMEX after the verification of the Chinese producers.
They also informed us that the verification agenda for the respondents should be ready next week.
This really is another big opportunity for Indian porcelain tiles manufacturers to export their tiles to Brazil. Earlier Morbi Ceramic Industry was the first to inform it’s readers regarding Europe’s ADC on Chinese tiles.

p.s.: the Navegantes Port of Brazil is now receiving their some of the first bulk shipments of soluble salt porcelain tiles exported from Morbi (India)
What do you people think? Will this situation boost the economic relations between Brazil & India and give good sales to exporters of Morbi? Please comment below…

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