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FAQs : Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles

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Because of stiff competition from international forces and customers demanding more sophisticated products, Indian ceramic companies has started to offer many value added features in ceramic products they manufacture. One such improvement is Nano Polished vitrified tiles.

What is Nano polished vitrified tiles?

Nano polish is based on Chemical-Nanotechnology, the specially formulated product contains Functional Nano Particles that are specially linked into a Silicon Matrix in a Solvent Base.

Such self-organizing Nano components will form an invisible layer on the surface of vitrified tiles which will have excellent water/dust repellent
& anti-bacterial properties.

So what are the benefits of nano coating over vitrified tiles?

The floor surface is more prone to get spoiled by ink, food items, tea, coffee, liquor, other liquids or dirt. Nano coating is ideal to solve this problem. Nano coated tile’s surface becomes water repellant and thus it do not easily absorb the stain. In short nano coating retains the quality of the surface even after long time.

Apart from this, nano coated vitrified tiles are also easy to clean and possess anti-bacterial properties.

Thus even when you are paying little higher for nano vitrified tiles it saves the costs of cleaning the surface and thus it pays-off!

[Nano coating is already being used in sanitary wares, bath wares, wash basins and commode & urinals because of above properties]

Which companies make nano polished vitrified tiles?

After checking samples of nano polished vitrified tiles of several Indian companies we recommend you the nano vitrified tiles by Simpolo Ceramic
, Varmora & Asian tiles. Simpolo ceramic has the widest range of nano polished vitrified tiles among others. You may also check others in this A to Z ceramic manufacturers directory.

How to check a genuine nano coated vitrified tiles?

When choosing nano tiles from other manufacturers you may check the performance by pouring some water on the coated tiles
. If properly coated, the water should form droplets and roll-off from the surface.

This is not enough as this effect can also done by appling cheap nano coating material (or even by wax!!).

So bring a permanent marker with you when you go to choose tiles. Mark the surface with the permanent marker
and after few seconds try to remove it simply by water. If the stain removes without much efforts it is surely a genuine nano coated tiles.

What are BIS standards for nano coated vitrified tiles?

According to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) standard a nano coated ceramic tiles should pass from below stain chemical tests:
0.5% Methyl Blue Solution
10% Sodium Hypochlorite
3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Amyl Acetate
Carbon Tetrachloride
Iodine with ethanol
No stain should be observed on the coated ceramic tiles.
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