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FAQs on Flooring Options for your Home

MORBI | Tiles manufacturing hub of India
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Which flooring option is best for me?

It is not easy to choose between the variety of materials used for wall and floor coverings. Designers, internal decorators, architects and consumers looking for residential solutions as much in line with the latest fashion trends as with ecological guidelines, are surrounded by an massive range of technical and aesthetic options.

At Morbi
, you can choose from ceramic, marble, slate, terracotta, porcelain and mosaic tiles. Each of the above has its own aesthetic and performance related values. The most popular tile however, known for its resistance, is the ceramic tile. The best quality level of productive process combined with constant technological research and design have made this tile a favorite throughout the Asian, Europe and international market.

Which options are available in tiles to choose?

There is a huge range of tiles and natural stones available in many colors, shapes and dimensions. Most tiles appeal to very varied tastes and diverse uses; though you should always discuss usage with the manufacturer of tiles before deciding on any one.

Where can I use tiles?
Tiles, due to both their durability and aesthetic nature, can be used in any home or commercial projects for example on floors, walls, table-tops, kitchens, bathrooms, halls, porches, bedrooms, dining rooms, conservatories, patios, restaurants, hotels, shops, motor showrooms and garages.

How does the quality of tiles differ?

Although there are quality standards within the Indian tiling industry, most homeowners are not aware of this. So you should remember that although tiles are essentially a lifetime investment, a quality distinction must be made between floor and wall tiles. When purchasing floor tiles, always buy a good quality tiles as in heavy traffic areas, inferior quality tiles are more prone to wear and tear and therefore may need to be replaced in easily. This is not true in case of wall tiles. Any worries you may have, can be put at rest by contacting one of the manufacturer of ceramics listed at Quality tiles Manufacturers from Morbi

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