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Glitter added to Morbi’s ceramic industry

MORBI | Tiles manufacturing hub of India
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40 New units will start their production within 1 year with a total investment of Rs. 300 Crore: Total production of Morbi will increase 20%

Well-known Morbi ceramic industry is going to strengthen its production capacity. According to industry sources approximately 40 new units are going to start within one year. Since decline in Chinese made ceramics in the local market, the entrepreneurs are encouraged to venture in this industry. This will bring fresh investment of more than Rs.250 crore.

The industry has recently faced stiff situation because of global recession. This also affected the total production of this region. However, now the Morbi ceramic industry is reporting good figures.

“Building construction has once again shown boom in the last three months. And as it’s effect the demand of wall, floor and vitrified tiles has also increased subsequently. According to the information we have currently there are 40 new units under pipeline” Said Ramjibhai Detroja, secretory, Morbi – Dhuva Glazed Tiles Association

In Morbi, currently, there are 150 units of wall tiles, 55 of floor tiles and 35 units of vitrified tiles and sanitarywares.  According to one source daily 10 lack square meter wall tiles, 4 lack square meter of floor tiles and 5 lack square meter vitrified tiles are manufactured. This obviously makes Morbi
an important ceramic production hub of India.

“To set up one ceramic unit around 6 Crore rupees are invested. Taking this into consideration if there will be 40 new units then it will bring more revenue of Rs. 250-300 Crore.” Said Girish Pethapara, President, Gujarat Ceramic Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer’s Association

Upon analyzing the trend in details, we found that the stakeholders of roofing tiles and sanitaryware factories want to start production of more rewarding wall & floor tiles and for this they already stopped the production of the former. “We were having a production unit of sanitaryware in Morbi,. But as there is going to be a boom in tiles segment in future, we already sold our sanitaryware unit and are establishing the unit of wall tiles “said Shreyash Patel, M.D. , Morbi based Claris Ceramics Private Limited.

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