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SACMI, Kexinda and others started their India office in Morbi

MORBI | Tiles manufacturing hub of India
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It was need of the hour to provide after sales sevice for their machinery imported by ceramic manufacturers in  Morbi. Thus many ceramic machinery makers (both from China and Italy) has started up office in Morbi.

SACMI - Italy ( the world’s leading machinery manufacturer ) started their office here one year before. Moreover, they also intend to provide training to locals for operating their robust systems.

According to industry sources some 20 company has already started their offices here. Roller kiln, dryer, press and polishing line  are the main machinery which are imported by every new company. Every year companies from Morbi imports about INR 300-400 crore worth parts and machineries from China and Italy.

Since manufacturing could not be stopped for minor technical reasons, it is necessary to get prompt service as fast as possible from machinery manufacturers. Having an office in Morbi serves this purpose for both tiles manufacturers here and technology provider abroad.

It should be noted that this industry manufactures more then 80 percent of total ceramic production in India. And in the coming months this figure is going to increase as many budding entrepreneurs are busy erecting their new factories.

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