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Sustainable measures by Morbi Ceramic Industry

MORBI | Tiles manufacturing hub of India
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Last two weeks the industrialists on Morbi were busy in devising a future proof strategy to promote fair trade in this industry.

Several protective measures were taken by the much influential Morbi-Dhuva Glazed Tiles Association

1) In recent year the image of industries in Morbi was tainted because of tax evasion practices by some unit. To tab this completely the Association has devised a smart strategy. It has created vigilance teams formed by it’s members. These team inspect the bills of the trucks being dispatched by the factories. If they find any practices of tax evasion (such as under billing) then they inform the Government department & the association.

2) To tab the increasing rates of raw materials the industry will “shut-down” their production starting from 10 february till one month. This will also help visualize the goal of eliminating the “credit system” currently given to traders of ceramic tiles.

These constructive steps taken by the association are really appreciated by media and if it is successfully implemented then there is no doubt the region will immerge as one of the prominent ceramic hub of the world.

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