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Tiles industry is now getting new words akin to TV! : 3-D, Sleeker, Ultra Thin, Digital technology…

MORBI | Tiles manufacturing hub of India
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In the last year tiles industry has witnessed some of the robust manufacturing technologies. The words used to define these technologies mimics to that is also being used in TV industry.

HD and 3-D
Robust digital printing technology gives enhanced high-definition reproduction, so now the manufacturers can mimic the surface of stones or wood, down to a realistic tangible grain. A dead ringer for quartzite replicates its rough-hewn texture and sparkle. (See the image) Some manufacturers like Varmora Tiles and Asian Tiles has already commenced wall tiles manufacturing wall tiles with digital printing machinery they implemented last fiscal year.

The major new opportunity which Digital Printing Technology makes possible is the creation of unique, permanent ceramic images with the most desirable surface finish.

Thus we can say that, digital ceramic tiles (ie. ceramic tiles produced using the digital print process) extend the advantages offered by ceramic tiles over competing cladding materials, such as marble, stone, glass or metal

Ultra thin tiles is “In Thing”
Many multinational companies have already started production of ultra-slim (3 mm – 4mm) tiles, which allows cost-effective installation over existing floor or wall materials, and less weight results in more savings in transport. The easy-to-handle porcelain tiles is a plus for end users because scoring and cutting with glass cutters is simpler.

Larger formats
Manufacturers are also attempting to extend the current limits for larger formats. Some are almost slab size up to 4-by-6-foot large tiles are already manufacturered by Varmora Tiles. The look is clean, modern and sophisticated - ideal, for example, for a very large floor.

Almost any shape
Besides conventional geometrics shapes such as pentagons or octagons, water jet technology has opened the door to more complex shapes such as circular patterns, fish patterns, waves, or any pattern you can see in a prism! Asian tiles is already manufacturering a series of water jet patterns called “AQUART”

In between the lines
Besides developing more eco friendly grouting products, manufacturers are also looking to an extended color palette and more “special effects”. One grout option looks as if a tube of glitter has been sprinkled into bold hues such as Tourmaline (a semi-precious gem)! See a variety of new generation grout products here.

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