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What is composite marble?

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The Composite Marble Stone is made from natural marble and is an industrial product, which uses selected marble chips, bound with polyester resin. The production and use of agglomerate marble sympathetically resolves questions of ecology, aesthetic and economy. Main characteristics of the agglomerate, when compared with natural marble, are:
- Uniform colour
- Superior technical characteristics
- Lower price.

Over the years technology has developed, improving standards of Composite Marble. These changes include:
Composite Marble made of white marble with colour pigments added, improving variety of colors and shades which are not available in nature
- Composite Marble is made of quartz, instead of marble, which are very resistant and versatile materials.

Although natural stone has its beginnings in the earth itself, treatment and manufacture is necessary to adapt it to our surroundings.

Quarrying: - The natural stone that we use is extracted from our own quartz, marble or granite quarries by using, and also innovating, the latest technology.

Development and manufacture: Natural stone goes through various processes such as cutting or the polishing that confirms its appearance and allows it to be offered in functional formats facilitating its distribution and installation.

Some natural stones, such as Silestone®, have been treated to become longer lasting, resistant and flexible. At this stage the prior investigation process is of special importance.

Manufacture is necessary to adapt it to our surroundings, our activities cover all the processes necessary for the natural stone to become converted into an element that decorates and also makes public places and our homes more comfortable, from when it is quarried to when it is installed.

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