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Useful Resources for the Ceramic Industry Professionals

Know the industry

Tiles of India:
Among few others, the one notable tiles magazine is “Tiles of India” which just came up in July 2012 but has provided original and authentic content to it’s readers in each bi-monthly issue. Most important thing we noted about this magazine is they offer their past issued completely free to download. So you can gain valuable knowledge of the industry by downloading those issues.

The promoters of the magazine are highly professional industry stalwarts who have ditched the common belief that industry could never have a support from world class print / online media.

Build Avenue:


Another magazine we must mention about is Build Avenue. It has been around since a very long time. This publication has witnessed the industry’s ups and downs more closely. Though the publication can have more finished look but the fact that the publishing house is within Morbi itself makes it our preferred choice.

Apartfrom above there are few other tiles magazines around but most of them are loaded with advertisements and less unbiased information so we are not recommending it here. You can also refer leading interior design magazines like Inside Outside for decoration ideas with various ceramic tiles, closets, faucets and basins.

The Make in India campaign is also a noteworthy to follow to grab the right opportunity beforehand. Morbi Ceramic Industry full fills each purpose of Make in India project line by line.
Morbi has created more jobs than ANY other unorganized industrial cluster in India in last decade.
Excess production has lead to demotivation to tiles importation business from China. Thus promoting domestic products in domestic market (self-reliance)
Promoted micro level entrepreneurship.
This campaign has clearly identified few focus sectors and construction sector is one among them. Please have a look at this video…
Government and corporates come together to discuss the potential and the challenges of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious project. In the opening episode DIPP Secretary Amitabh Kant, R Subramanian, MD, Saint Gobain Glass, Soumitra Bhattacharya, Jt MD, Bosch and Palash Roy Chowdhury, Country Head, Pratt & Whitney UTC give their view on how to make Make in India a success
We highly recommend you to purchase a copy of Morbi Ceramic Directory as it is is covered with contact details of all manufacturers.

CII (Confederation Of Indian Industry) published this research paper

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