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Digital Tiles

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Digital tile became talk of the town recently. And obviously there are many reasons for popularity of such tiles.

Since introduction of the first digital wall tiles by Himmatnagar based Asian tiles in year 2010, number of other factories upgraded the way they were printing over tiles surface and adopted much versatile digital printing technology.

Digital printing (aka Ink-Jet printing) is done with the machines which are made by European companies such as CretaPrint (from Spain), Durst (Germany) etc.

The resulting product is High Definition (HD) tiles which is printed resolution of 600 dpi or higher.

Why the factories in Morbi are quickly adopting to digital printing?

- Though the initial setup costs of digital printing are high, it gives them flexibility to print even small quantity of tiles. So they don’t need to have huge stocks for each design like they were doing in screen printing arena.
- Any customization of design is very easy. So if a customer demands little different shade of the same design then it is easy for them to make it.
- They get less shade variation complaint when the tiles are printed with digital printing!

Why are the benefits to you as a customer?

Benefits of digital printing over ordinary screen printing


Screen printing

Digital printing

Random printing (like natural marble)

Not possible


Printing accuracy

Low definition

High definition (HD)

Printing consistency



Printing resolution (dpi)

60-80 dpi

350 – 1000 dpi

Printing on uneven surfaces

Not possible

Possible to print on any type of surface

Customization of design

Not easy

Very easy

Edge to edge printing

Not possible


Design range


Endless (creativity is the limit!)

Number of colors used

2-4 colors

No limit of color combinations

Which sizes are available in digital tiles?
Most common sizes that are produced with digital printing method are as below:
Wall tiles:
Floor tiles:
300x600mm & 400x400mm
Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles (PGVT)
600x600mm, 800x800mm & 600x1200mm

Which are the leading companies of Morbi manufacturing digital wall tiles?

Infact almost all companies in Morbi has upgraded to digital printing in last 3 years. Someof the noteworthy are Qutone ceramic, Motto tiles, SOL tiles, Varmora, Lexus tiles, Italica (ETA) etc.

Below we are sharing with you fresh designs of digital tiles of Morbi out of endless possibilities!!

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