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Noteworthy tile industry exhibitions

Know the industry
Every year, many tile brands from India participate in several exhibitions in India & abroad. Below we have enlisted some of the polular ceramic exhibitions.
Domestic Exhibitions
1) ET AceTech :
This show is being organised by an Indian media group - The Economic Times. It's being held in each metro cities of India such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi NCR & Hyderabad.

Untill 2016 this show used to be a "must attend" for tile industry professional. But since the begening of Vibrant Ceramics Expo during December 2016 and it's more sophisticated version during November 2017, the charm of Ace Tech has faded especially among ceramic industry circles. But the Acetech show is still good for general building material professionals due to it's wide coverage of building material product range and it's presence across India.

2) Vibrant Ceramics Expo & Summit 2017
Due to below reasons this show received wide coverage amond tile industry professionals:
  • First of all it is only such exhibition focused on finished ceramic tile products
  • It received generous sponsorship by local factories and continous support by local ceramic associations
  • Venue they choose (Ahmedabad / Gandhinagar) is near Morbi which helps better participation by exhibitors
  • Due to good connectivity & plenty of hotels in Ahmedabad the show seen more visitors during 2nd iteration of the event
  • The organisors made road shows / events across 18 states of India and 45 countries across the world
  • The show also have good support from government

3) Indian Ceramics - Ahmedabad
Being organised since 2005 this is oldest tile industry exhibition. During recent iteration of the show the two major show organisors (Messe M√ľnchen GmbH & Unifair Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.) exhibited together at a bigger venue.
The event broadly covers technical aspects of the industry i.e. Refractory Materials, Raw Materials & Additives, Machineries etc
International Exhibitions
1) The BIG 5 Show - Dubai
Gulf being a main export market for ceramic companies of India, BIG 5 exhibition is the must attend event for a building material company with export orientation. Many tiles manufacturers from Morbi participate in this exhibition with a vision to get exposure to very big Middle East and African markets.

2) CEVISAMA (also known as Feria Valencia) - Spain
Innovation at reasonable price is at the centerstage for Spanish tile industry. If you want to know the latest happenings in world ceramic industry, this is is the must attend exhibition during February each year.

Ironically only few Indian factories participate in Cevisama. Some of them are Colortile, Sunhearrt, Varmora, Boss group (Magnum / Velsaa), Itaca etc. Honestly there must be more participation for the sake of brand building among international tile importers.

3) CERSAIE - Bologna, Italy
For a tile aficionado, CERSAIE is the exhibition of the year to learn new trends and technologies in ceramic tiles world. If you are looking for truly unique / exclusive tiles you should visit this event organised in September each year. Since decades Italy has remained trendsetter in international ceramic industry. Many tiles & sanitary ware manufacturers from Morbi visit CERSAIE exhibition every year to update their knowledge. There is little or no participation in this show by local industry. Big brands like Somany, Kajaria are participating there regularly.
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