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What is a rectified tile?
Rectified tiles are the tiles which are adjusted to perfect size by slightly cutting all four edges of it. The rectification helps to achieve precision tile laying by removing any uneven edges and making each tiles of same exact size.
Rectified tiles are popular in India because the tile installer doesn’t leave any space between tiles while laying. Most of all tiles made in Morbi are rectified except size 200x300mm (or smaller) in wall tiles and 300x300 (or smaller) in floor tiles.
Rectified tiles = joint free tiles
What is a non-rectified tile?
In Europe, Australia and other countries Non-rectified tiles are popular. Such tiles need very good calibration starting from pressing stage otherwise the final product will have much more size variation.
The tiling contractors need to use spacers between tiles and thick grout line to fill the joints. It is also important to blend the grout color with the tiles color to have a good looking surface.
What is a highlighter tile?
Some companies offer decorative tiles which are fired 3 rd times after application of vitrosa powder in a desired pattern. Such tiles are called highlighter tiles = décor tiles = 3 rd fire tiles.
Which is better - Glossy finish tiles or matt finish tiles?
In fact it is a matter of choice. Generally glossy tiles need extra care to avoid scratches while unpacking and installing tiles. The MOHS scale of glossy surface is less (~3) so any object with higher then this MOHS scale can leave scratched on glossy tiles surface.
On the other side matt finish tiles need less care during installation but it looks less shiny and glittering. Nowaday there is trend of matt finish tiles.
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