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Glazed Vitrified Tiles (popular as GVT) is now most prefered flooring solution in Indian market. Thanks to the digital printing technology, hundreds of options are available. On top of that different surfaces are also available in such type of tiles.

So compared to their soluble salt & double charge counterpart the GVT tiles has gained more acceptance in Indian homes.

Technically these tiles are rectified glazed tiles with water absorption <0.5%

This is the ONLY vitrified tiles type where more then one surface finish available:
Glossy finish
Matt Finish
Lapato Finish
Wood Finish
Stone Finish

Sizes available: 24x24 inch, 32x32 inch, 24x48 inch

Note: PGVT is Polished GVT. After the application of the glaze the polishing is done to "iron out" the surface problems such as pinholes etc. Such tiles brings the best of both worlds (i.e. The finish of polished tiles with the shine of glossy tiles)

Below is the small glimpse of GVT designs available in Morbi...

POLISHED FINISH GVT - PGVT (Size: 24x24 inch)
RUSTIC FINISH GVT (Size: 24x24 inch)
WOOD FINISH GVT (Size: 24x24 inch)
POLISHED FINISH GVT - PGVT (Size: 24x48 inch)
RUSTIC & WOOD FINISH GVT - PGVT (Size: 24x48 inch)
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