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Morbi Photo Gallery

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Julto Pul (Hanging Bridge)
Hanging Bridge of Morbi (Suspension Bridge) is a very famous tourist place. It is an engineering marvel built at the turn of the century, reflects the progressive and scientific nature of the rulers of Morbi. This was built to give a unique identity to Morbi using the latest technology available in those days in Europe. It is 1.25 meters wide and spans 233 meters on the Machchhu River connecting Darbargadh Palace and Lakhdhirji Engineering College.

Mani Mandir - Morbi

Palace of former Morbi King - Mani Mandir and Victoria Garden opposite to Mani Mandir are good place to visit.

Old Bridge "Pada Pul" Morbi

Old Bridge "Pada Pul" Morbi

New bridge in Morbi

New bridge in Morbi

Nehru Gate (Nagar Darvaja) Morbi

Nehru Gate is made out of stone using elements of Rajput architecture with central clock tower, while another one uses elements of western architecture and is capped by a three-storey cast iron frame structure with a dome.

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