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Mosaic tiles

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Mosaic tiles can be made by cutting ceramic tiles of different colors and then mounting them on mesh of plastic. Since Mosaic tiles manufacturing involves lot of manual work this is being made by small units in Morbi. Most of the tiles companies outsource their mosaic tiles requirement to such small cera decorators.

With mosaic tiles you can use your creativity to make any shapes or patterns in walls or floors.

Sizes: Mosaic tiles are available in many sizes (such as 3cmx3cm, 6cmx6cm).

Mosaics can be made from both Ceramic tiles and Porcelain tiles. Stunning Glass mosaics are also available. These tiles are also made from Marble, Granite, Basalt and Limestone.

It is only after laying the tiles, you can come to know about the beauty of of small ceramic (or porcelain tiles) pieces.

Glass Mosaic Tiles are great for kitchen decoration and for both the wall and the floor.

Because of 3 dimentional appearance mosaic Tiles looks great no matter which style you choose. They have great designs and great colors and it will surely create a new look in your kitchen or bathroom.


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