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Pallet Packing of tiles

Know the industry

Pallet packing is most important to safely send the ceramic products (e.g. tiles, sanitary wares etc.) across long distances. When the tiles are pallet packed, there are less chances of movement in the container and thus less breakage. Pallet packing also make handling of the cargo easier with fork lift.

There are several pallet packing available for packing of ceramic tiles and sanitarywares in Morbi. Below is comparative table showing Pros Vs Cons of pallet packing.

Pallet packed cargo
Loose packed cargo
Pallets protect the tiles from breakage
Loosely packed tiles are more prone to breakage
It is easy to load / offload a full container when tiles are packed   in pallets. On average there are ~ 23 pallets in a container and it take ~ 30   minutes to load / offload the full container
It takes around 4 hours or longer time to load and same amount of time to offload a container
At Morbi any factory can arrange to load pallet inside the container BUT you need to check if there is forklift available at destination to offload the containers?
Loose cargo can be offloaded without need of forklift
The charge for rented forklift can be around ~ ₹ 600 (~US$10) per container
The charge for manual labor depend on the local demand / supply of manpower
Most of the importers from developed countries prefers to pack tiles cargo in  pallets
Most of the third world nations prefer tiles without pallet packing. (the cost goes down $0.10/m2 for loose packed cargo)
Compared to loose cargo the loading (total number of boxes) will be less when the tiles are packed in pallets
More boxes can be loaded when cargo is loose.
ONLY tiles can be shipped in container when they are packed in pallets
Other products such as PVC pipes, sanitarywares etc can be when cargo is loose. (the tiles only occupy 4 to 5 feet of container height)
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