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Sanitaryware from MORBI

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There are around 46 factories in Morbi that manufacture sanitarywares. Apartfrom this there are many small units in Thangadh that manufacture sanitarywares since decades.

Many sanitaryware "Superbrands" like Hindware, CERA, HR Johnson etc outsource their requirements from Morbi. Due to more demand and less supply of European Closets (EWCs) many Morbi companies also import it from China and supply to their customers through sales network.

Sanitary wares are made from variety of materials each of them having certain advantages over the others. However, sanitary wares made of ceramic has many advantages over those made of other materials and are economical also. It has a wide acceptance in the society.

The ceramic sanitary wares are used for sanitation purposes and the product ranges from washbasins, closets, urinals, sinks, baths to hoppers. It has properties like very good resistance to weathering, chemical erosion, mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion. Its use in sanitation has preference over other materials. They are economical, easy-to-clean, longer life and are available in pleasing colours.

Packing methods for sanitaryware are generally of three types: 1) grass packing 2) box packing 3) pallet packing.

Below are the types of Water Closets:

                  P-trap type                                   S-trap type

In below color chart we have included most popular colors for sanitarywares available in Morbi. We recommend you to ask for a PHYSICAL SHADE BOARD to the factory because the colors printed here may defer from ceramic color.

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